30 Lessons From Great Entrepreneurs.


1. Don’t worry so much.

2. Be extremely grateful for what you have..

3. Strive to be a better version of yourself every day..

4. Drop your ego.

5. Eat clean.

6. Sweat daily.

7. Give back.

8. Frame your goals.

9. Don’t let others dictate to you.

10. Follow your passion.

11. Be enthusiastic about what you do.

12. Focus on relationships.

13. Be open to trying new things.

14. Feel your fears but embrace them.

15. Your childhood matters, but don’t let it control your adulthood.

16. Be good to your family.

17. Invest in yourself.

18. Attract great coaches and mentors.

19. Build a supportive team around you.

20. Follow your dreams no matter what.

21. Forgive yourself and others.

22. Don’t let failure hold you back.

23. Stay true to your word.

24. Pay off your debts.

25. Learn outside the classroom.

26. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

27. Be happy with nothing.

28. Learn from your relationships.

29. Do something great.

30. Ask the right questions. 


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