Top Winter Towns.

Moscow, Russia


Moscow experiences long cold winters from November till March. The city has a bad traffic problem all year around especially during the winter snowfall. However Moscow also gets very hot summers with sweeping heat waves that have proved deadly in the recent years.

Sapporo, Japan


Sapporo has two million tourists every year to its annual snow festival. The Yuki Matsuri takes place in Japan’s in February and showcases amazing snow and ice sculptures. The snow festival was started in 1950 after the World War Two.

Syracuse, New York


New York itself is a very snowy city, Syracuse gets the most in New York State. Syracuse is known throughout America for its snowfall and has won the Golden Snowball award. The national average in Syracuse is 252 centimetres per year but the record is 487 centimetres.

Quebec, Canada


Quebec is a typical Canadian city with warm and pleasant summers. The snowfall runs upto 107 days. Large snowdrifts are common but Canadians are experts at coping with snow.

Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki has a humid continental climate. The capital of Finland gets very cold in winter. Snow is almost guaranteed from December to March. It gets cold at -20 degrees, the Gulf Stream and the Baltic Sea keep things warmer.

Denver, Colorado


Denver enjoys consistent snow all through the year with nine months of snowfall out of 12. The summers are hot and dry. Denver is one of the snowiest cities because when it snows it really snows with -29 degrees Celsius. November is one of the snowiest months.

Cleveland, Ohio


Cleveland in Ohio is one of the snowiest cities in America. It is the same Lake Effect snow that Syracuse experiences having a humid continental climate. Most of the snow falls in the eastern region is known as the Snow Belt.

Reykjavik, Iceland


As the most northerly capital city in the world, Iceland receives a lot of snow. Snow can be expected from November to March. The temperature is constant but so there is always snow in Reykjavik.

Valdez, Alaska


Valdez is a seaport city in Alaska which has snow right from November to April. That is because the Chugach Mountains which creates a glaciated climate

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina


San Carlos de Bariloche is the gateway to the best Andes skiing in Argentina. This city enjoys a cool and mild climate. There is sustained snowfall from May to September. The lowest temperatures is -12 degrees. Some extreme storms can bring snow.



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