Mechanically Separated Chicken – Over a billion sold.

Parts of chicken are taken and put in a machine that mechanically separates the meat from the bone. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. What it does instead is smash EVERYTHING including the bones, eyes and guts making it look like the picture below.


Since this meat is infested with bacteria, it is soaked in ammonia in order to kill those little critters. In order to mask the ammonia taste, they season it with loads of artificial flavors and then dye it with artificial colors in order to give it that white texture.

The mechanically separated meat is a paste like substance that is created by forcing part of an animal carcass into the sleeve of a machine called “Meat Deboner”.

So they cram the animal parts into this machine, which grinds up the animal carcasses into a big glob of reddish mush. Next, they add ammonium hydroxide to kill the bacterial and then they add anhydrous ammonia for refrigeration purposes. This goes on to become the main ingredient in many hot dogs, bologna, chicken nuggets, pepperoni, salami, jerky etc.

 It’s not only chicken nuggets that undergoes this process. Most meat companies take the “cheap route” by using the less desirable meat of animals to make food.  In order to trick consumers, meat companies use artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives to alter the color, taste and texture of this trash. 


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